need your urgent prayers

need your urgent prayers. my daughter's god-brother is missing at sea in australia. heard the news from her godparents mr and mrs kerk choon keng from teluk intan. their eldest son, zi on, swam to save a girl from drowning but was himself swept by a rip into the sea. he is still missing. his parents have left tonight by plane for australia. i append the yahoo australia news and brisbanenews below:


Yahoo Australia
Thursday December 6, 07:25 PM

Rescuer missing off Moreton Island

Concerns are growing for a man who went missing in the ocean off Queensland's Moreton Island after going to help a woman in difficulty.

Police said seven boats and three helicopters searched without success on Thursday for the man, believed to have been swept out to sea shortly before 4pm (AEST) on Wednesday.

The man, thought to be aged in his 20s, entered the water at Honeymoon Bay, on the northern tip of Moreton Island, to help the woman, a police spokesman said.

The woman eventually made it back to shore but the man, who was part of a touring group, has not been seen since.

The search would resume early Friday morning, police said.

The missing man, a 25-year-old Malaysian national, has been hailed a hero after apparently sacrificing himself to save the woman who had been caught in a rip and dragged out to sea.

Network Ten reported the pair had been part of a group of 15 students from the University of Queensland and were swimming at Honeymoon Bay on Wednesday when the woman got into difficulty.

Trevor Hassard from Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort on Moreton Island said the man managed to rescue the woman from the sea and move her to safety on rocks but was unable to climb to safety himself.

"In doing that, he put himself out of the reach of the rescuers," Mr Hassard told Network Ten.

"It's absolutely and completely heroic."

Brisbane News

A Malaysian student has saved a woman from drowning off south-east Queensland and likely lost his own life in the process.

Police said the 25-year-old man went missing off Moreton Island after helping a woman in difficulty shortly before 4pm (AEST) yesterday.

The pair were with a group of Malaysian students from the University of Queensland camping at Honeymoon Bay with Brisbane-based Blue Planet Tours, said Trevor Hassard from Moreton Island's Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort.

The group went swimming in the bay and soon found themselves caught in a rip.

"As they came out past the rocks, they were yelling and screaming,'' Mr Hassard told AAP today.

"The Malaysians who made it to the rocks leaned over and grabbed the people as they went past and they were very successful,'' he said.

"They got down to two people left, a male and a female in the water and the man was within reach.

"But he actually grabbed the female who was out of reach and pushed her towards the people who were rescuing other members of the group.

"She got pulled out of the water but in pushing her within reach, he pushed himself out of reach.

"He saved her life but it is likely that he lost his own.

"It was absolutely amazing - a totally selfless thing.''

Mr Hassard said people had been lost at Honeymoon Bay in the past.
Conditions there varied so people staying at the resort were advised not to swim there.

"We have a policy where no one is allowed in the water past their knees at Honeymoon Bay,'' he said.

Police are talking to Blue Planet Tours to determine what happened.
Its manager, Ian Stuart, said the company had been "devastated'' by yesterday's events but declined to comment further.

An air and sea search was due to resume at first light tomorrow


Bob K said…
Thanks for the heads up. I remember Zi-On and the Kerks very fondly.

Shall keep them in prayer.
Paul Long said…
This is sad. I pray that by a miracle he is found safe
Anonymous said…
Please let him be found safe and alive.
Anonymous said…
I remember Zi On persoanly in my short stay in Teluk Intan few years back. Will continue to uphold him in prayer....
Anonymous said…
Please come back safely, my old friend... I really hope that the nature will hear our prayers...