new Christian Standard Bible

we already have a proliferation of English translations of the Bible. so, here's another new English translation called Christian Standard Bible or CSB. just how good is it?
you can check it out on their website:

for a 48 page sampler of their CSB Study Bible, you can download it from this link:

some initial impressions from their sampler:

1] lots of additional information as one would expect from a Study Bible.
2] there are impressive pictures and charts. full coloured maps and illustrations which are eye-catching. there are timelines and expanded articles.
3] the font for the main text makes the writing very narrow and crowded. frankly i don't like it. it doesn't make easy reading.
4] the font for the footnotes is small but pleasantly readable on a orange background. for some people, reading the footnotes might be a challenge as it is rather cramped.
5] each book begins with a general introduction that covers history, context, message and purpose of the book, and a very detailed outline of the book.
6] the text is laid out in double columns with references in the middle between the texts.
7] in the footnotes are occasional word studies.
8] there are occasional articles inserted in the biblical books on related topics e.g. the reliability of the OT.

from their website, they promise a free CSB Mobile App for download which will be available soon. that should make things easier for those using smartphones and tabs.
the bibles come in leather, hardbound and others. prices are like that of their competitors.