TEE Module in Malaysian CARE center

i will be away from this wednesday till saturday, teaching a 3 and 1/2 days (or 28 hours) TEE module on Biblical Interpretation at the Malaysian CARE center. This TEE module is mainly for the Malaysian CARE staff as part of their in-house training and on completion, a CertCM is awarded. as such, the courses are designed for a lower level (more for laypeople wanting to have some sort of training but not geared too much towards the academic side). some other people are also taking the course on audit.

as i do not like to travel everyday from seremban to kl, i will be staying at hotel seri petaling (the closest hotel available). so, i may be without email or internet contact for the next few days. on sunday, i will have to make a 2 hours drive at 6.45am to go to segamat to preach and conduct holy communion in the wesley methodist church. that's is all in a few days' work.