hebrew language resources

from the Society for Old Testament Study (SOTS) webpage on hebrew resources:

http://www.ans.com.au/~lwindsor/hebrew/ - links to resources on texts, grammar, vocabulary and fonts
http://faculty.pepperdine.edu/cheard/iTanakh/languages/hebrew/index.htm - another good set of links

Biblical Hebrew
http://www.geocities.com/bible_translation/crosswords/hebrew1.htm - the Hebrew text of Genesis read aloud
http://www.biblicalhebrew.com/course-details.htm - extensive introduction to the language
http://www.basicsofbiblicalhebrew.com/downloads.html - pdf downloads of paradigms
http://www.bible101.org/hebrew/home.html - an online Hebrew course

Software Reviews
http://www.bmsoftware.com/ - surveys a number of programs
http://hebrewresources.com/course_review.htm - review of various Hebrew courses

Hebrew Fonts
http://scholarsfonts.net/cardofnt.html - Cardo font (Windows, Mac)
http://www.linguistsoftware.com/lheb.htm - LaserHebrew (Windows, Mac)
http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?site_id=nrsi&item_id=EzraSIL_Homepage.php?site_id=nrsi&item_id=EzraSIL_Home - Ezra SIL Fonts

Games and Other Resources
http://www.geocities.com/bible_translation/crosswords/hebrew1.htm - a crossword, Hebrew clues, English answers

see also our seminary's (STM) webpage link on hebrew resources: