memorial service for kerk zi on (Part 1)

the memorial service to kerk zi on yesterday at teluk intan wesley methodist church began at 3.40pm and ended at 7.0opm. it was the longest service i had ever attended. there was so much to say from almost everyone who knew zi on. there were powerpoint presentations, eulogies, tributes, and even self-composed songs sung in his honour.

one of the most moving parts of the memorial service was when mr kerk, zi on's father, shared his tribute to his son. in his message, he read from what he wrote on the 14th jan 2008 entitled 'today is your birthday, mama will not cry'. you can read it for yourself from the above two jpgs. just double click on each picture for an enlargement. i think the poem sums up what mr and mrs kerk felt through those initial difficult months.

i will be posting more in the days to come (will try to post more except that i will be busy teaching over the next few days).