what do you do with old bibles?

have you ever had old worn-out bibles? those thoroughly used for years and dog-eared and marked but pages now coming out and the binding breaking? what do you do with these old bibles? 

do you just throw them away? pack them with your old newspapers and sell to the 'old newspaper man'? or do you just pack them with your usual rubbish and cart them off to the rubbish dump?

what do the jews in the past do with their old manuscripts and scriptures? what do they do today? i have read of the discovery of the genizah texts, old scrolls discovered in a storeroom ('genizah') in an old synagogue in cairo, egypt. 

dr. claude mariotinni has an interesting article (in fact, two articles) on this. read on: 


keropok lekor said…
muslims bury their scriptures which i think its quite a good idea.
anthony said…
i wonder how far we can stretch this practice. christians do not generally bury their old copies of the bibles anyway. i think a proper dignified disposal (like a cremation!) of old bibles is sufficient in my mind. at least, the bible doe snot end up in a rubbish dump with other decaying stuff. if it can be recycled properly (mad einto paper pulp again), then it should be alright.
pearlie said…
Burying??? Burning???
Oh noooo ... I think I have brought this up in some blogs before - when I was a Sunday School teacher and had to resort to printing bible verses on A4 paper I was so so worried on what to do with them! I won't be surprised they are still stashed somewhere in my store places!

I don't know, old bibles are still bibles and I still keep them. But then again I am not that *old* yet =D so I have to wait and see until I am so old that my bible become really unusable - then I have to make a stand! haha
Sze Zeng said…
As I'm coming from the perspective that "Bible is not identical with God's Word", I don't have problem with seeing Bibles with other decaying created materials in the trash bins, even if there are tetragammatons in it. That's my opinion.
anthony said…
that is not a position many christians dare to take i.e. not equating God's Word with the Bible. of course, there is truth is the equation - the bible is human words attemtping to record God's Word. how far does one eqaute the human Bible with the divine Word?

here is where the earlier postings on peter enn's controversial book and his equally controversial suspension and sacking from westminster theological seminary has something to say on this matter. frankly, i think enn's got the short end of the stick. afterall, when his book first came out, there were hearty endorsements from other reformed scholars e.g. tremper longman III. now the board says enns is wrong and ignoring the faculty vote. as one faculty member says, does that mean we are also wrong?