atesea teachers seminar pt 2

the reb is blogging from k.k. sabah. we are meeting in a hotel in town. sessions have been very interesting. since we arrived late, we missed 1 and 1/2 sessions. the 1/2 session we managed to attend was by dr soto from philippines on pastoral theology. was a good reminder what exactly should be pastoral theology.

the night session was by professor seow. he shared on the theology of the book of job. missed the previous session on tuesday night on the theology of the book of proverbs but the sessions are video-taped. so, we 'll get a set of the dvds for the stm library. today, professor seow is sharing on 3 sessions on the book of job from the angle of the history of interpretation. managed to tape the sessions using audacity on my notebook!! the sessiosn have been excellent, as expected from professor seow who was obviously in his element. this is the quintessensial seow.