dead sea scroll in stone?

a new dead sea scroll in stone? bar (biblical archaology review) has the article on it. see the link below for links to the article, the hebrew text, and the translation into english:

or just the article here:

what is interesting about the stone is that in lines 19-21 and line 80, it speaks about a messiah who is resurrected. this if true will have some impact on christianity's claim to the uniqueness of the resurrection of jesus. is the idea of a messiah who dies and is resurrected something new and unique to christianity or is the idea already prevalent in judaism?

of course, the provenance of the stone is in doubt. who found it? where was it found? is it part of the dss (dead sea scroll) community? the writing is not inscribed on the stone but written in ink? why? is it meant to an 'inside' monument (3 feet high, 1 foot wide) rather than an 'outside' monument which would be subjected to the eroding effects of the weather? what is the purpose of the author(s) of writing on this stone? or is it another scam? a fake? like the stone ossuary of james, the brother of jesus? there are still many questions to be asked.