dead sea scroll in stone pt 2

following the posting from yesterday about the new dead sea scroll in stone or a.k.a. messiah stone, professor israel knohl from the hebrew university of jerusalem shared on this at the The Dead Sea Scrolls and Contemporary Culture Seminar from 6-8th july 2008 held in jerusalem. below is the link to the seminar and knohl's abstract:

Prof. Israel Knohl, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Gabriel Revelation and the Birth of Christianity

The Gabriel Revelation is an apocalyptic text, inscribed in Hebrew on a stone. It was first published by B. Elitzur and A. Yardeni in April 2007. Dated to the earliest days of the Common Era, it was probably uncovered in Jordan.
The Gabriel Revelation is divided into two parts, each focusing on a different subject.

The first part describes an eschatological war: the nations of the world besiege Jerusalem, and the residents are expelled from the city in groups. This description is followed by a passage in which God sends “my servant David” to ask “Ephraim” – the Messiah Son of Joseph – to deliver a “sign.” From the context, it appears that this sign heralds the coming redemption.

The second part of the Gabriel Revelation focuses on death and resurrection – and the blood of the slain. The last paragraph cites the words of the Archangel Gabriel who commands a person to return to life after three days: “By three days, live.”
In my lecture I will deal with the possible connection between the figure of Ephraim, the Messiah Son of Joseph, and the image of Jesus in the New Testament. I will also explore the possible link between the resurrection “by three days” commanded by Gabriel in the Gabriel Revelation and the resurrection of Jesus “on the third day.”