milestone for charis

so, our eldest child, charis, has left home for college. it seems like only yesterday i was still cuddling her as a cute bouncy baby! how time flies. i was at her birth to see her come into the world. she spent her early years in teluk intan and johor baru. then we saw her through kindy first year in kampar and then kindy year 2 in taman ujong seremban. for 5 years, she attended primary school at taman rasah jaya (she was an express student, having skipped primary four in her school and the only one from her whole school to achieve it. she was also in the last batch as the government scrapped the program the following year). then it was another five years at KGV (King George V) for her secondary education.

with one child attending college and another in form 3, soon it will be the empty nest syndrome for the reb and wife!