segamat wesley's new church building

yesterday the reb was preaching and conducting holy communion in wesley methodist church segamat's new church building which will be dedicated this coming sunday by the bishop of the methodist church. also in attendance will be the trac president and the southern district superintendent. expected guests will be around 500 persons.

this was the reb's first sermon in the new church building and the church's first holy communion service. from the pictures one can see it is very well done. total cost including dedications ervice comes to around rm 838,000.00
anyway, for the dedication sunday. it is a no go for the reb. too much travelling the last four weeks preaching.
also the reb will be in k.k. sabah from 23-26th july for a faculty seminar organized by atesea. one of the trainers is professor c.l. seow from princeton.