stm picnic day

late posting. stm had its annual picnic day last monday 7/7/2008 at the sepang gold coast, a new beach resort coming up at bagan lalang.
as usual, we did the usual stuff -

a] gathering together to sing and praise God,

b] enjoy a group game among the tutorial groups (this year was building noah's ark from bits of pieces of stuff and see whose boat could stay afloat and remain dry),

c] the usual beach ball from the diehards (suprisingly, no beach football this year!),

d] and sight-seeing for the rest.

this year, there was also a film director among the students who directed some shooting of the chinese students running and jumping along the beach (much like chariots of fire). maybe for a stm promotional?
frankly, i prefer to see a bunch of wong fei hung's disciples doing their martial arts stuff on the beach to the beat of the movie once upon a time in china's theme song! ta-da..

enjoy the pics. the garden layout of the resort was fabulous. reminds me of shangri-la!


Perng Shyang said…
I like your idea about wong fei hong! Will let the film director know about it and perhaps can do it next year! Haha!
anthony said…
next year may not be at the beach! but with abun around, he'll think of something exciting.