missing hiker pt 3

an update from su yin (ji jien's wife):


Dear all, 

Thanks for all your love and care through your faithful prayers. I have received many of your mails and they really comfort my heart and put my hope in God through Jesus Christ. (with thankful tears)

I arrived glacier park on Sat afternoon. Thank God I was able to find a fight once I arrived San Francisco to come here. The rangers showed me Yi-Jien’s car and we found out that he only brought 2-3 days food and 3-Liter water with him and some water tablets. He planned to stay in two camp sites and then came back to the car and refilled for next 5 days trip. Yet from what we found in the car, he never came back to the car and refilled his food and water. Yi-Jien has lost 15 days and over 90% possibility that he was lost the first day of the trip. Thus the search teams have focused most of their time in the first 2 days trial. The search teams have almost cover 85% of their search in the snow area, yet nothing was found, not even his belongings. I feel the search teams are discouraged and the head of the search team Patrick told me that yesterday was the last day of big search. Today they only send one team with 2 people going to the beginning of his first day trail. Please pray that our Father God continuous to strengthen the search team to hope for the best (Yi-Jien always said). I cry to God everyday for His mercy and help, sustain Yi-Jien and bring him back alive soon. I really cannot handle this by myself, and I lost hope at some point and felt guilty not able to come back earlier to be with Yi-Jien. Yet my mother in law encouraged me to keep hope in God and she came yesterday to be with me. She has been calling friends back come who are praying fervently for Yi-Jien and some intercessors got vision that Yi-Jien is still alive. Pray for God’s mercy and love to strengthen our hearts and keep trusting in Him. Please continue to pray unceasingly. 

Siu Yin