recycle, cow dung and money

yesterday stm has its annual gotong royong day where students and staff cleaned up the compound of the areas surrounding stm. plenty of rubbish to collect and throw away. but there is money in the rubbish too. there is a lot of talk nowadays about recycling and not wasting valuable resources. here's is an article in today's new straits times about cow dung collection in seremban (the town where i am living in).

maybe stm students can go round collecting cow dung to sell to raise money for the seminary or for the publication costs of the graduation magazine (they are still short of rm 9k). there are plenty of cows around stm area, especially near taman layang-layang. there is an indian guy who let loose his cows to graze the grass and the cows 'dirty' the streets. instead of letting al these cowdung to waste, the cow dung on the road can be collected. after all, the reb and his wife used to collect them for the garden before during kuala lipis days:


SEREMBAN: Cow dung compost collection centres will be set up to cater to the high demand for fertilisers.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said the idea came about when the administration realised the need to maximise agriculture and animal husbandry products.The centres will be established by the state government through the Department of Veterinary Services in selected districts to collect and process the waste into fertiliser. Mohamad said with the use of cow dung, agricultural output could be increased without having to pay for expensive chemical fertilisers."We must look at transforming animal waste into something more valuable and not look at it as waste.

"Transforming waste into fertiliser is a lucrative business and it benefits the breeders as well." Mohamad was speaking after a ceremony to change the name of the Department of Animal Services to Department of Veterinary Services in Jalan Jelebu yesterday.He said cattle breeders should also start collecting cow dung and selling it instead of letting their animals dirty the streets.



Paul said…
Now that is an interesting proposal ...