seminar on psalms in JB part 2

came back on sunday around 8pm. tired but it was a good weekend. the turnout at the 6 hours seminar was 58 persons (2 at the last minute were unable to come). the participants were from the host church, church of the good shepherd, and from wesley methodist, calvary charismatic centre and st christopher's. it was a very time of learning together.

the sunday services were bilingual and my interpreter, rev raymond au, was an old friend from kampar days. we last met in 1994-95 when i was staying in jb doing my mtheol from ttc in singapore. since then, we lost touch but it was good to meet him and his family again after all these years. he was a wonderful interpreter as he didn't even have to look at my notes, just what text i was preaching from. presently, he is helping not only the anglican churches in jb but kulai and others including presbyterian churches.

hopefully, this would be a good beginning between the reb and the anglican churches here in jb. we foresee that there will be future seminars like these, especially opened to other churches nearby.


Alex Tang said…
apologies for not attending your seminar in JB. I had wanted to but was held up. I would really have loved to see how you apply Brueggemann's three-fold to the Psalms. I have seen how he does it for the The Bible as Canon. Anyway, I am sure there will be opportunities for you to do a similar seminar for the presbyterian churches in JB when you are available.
anthony said…
will be looking forward in the future to do so.