'walking with wise men'

this was last tuesday's 5 minute sermon in STM chapel. with just 5 minutes to speak (and an equal amount of time for translation into chinese), what can one say in that short time? a proverb, of course.

i have been sharing on proverbs for a number of years now on tuesday morning chapel in the seminary. this one is from proverbs 13:20.


Perng Shyang said…
This was a nice one!
anthony said…
so, walk with wise men!
Alex Tang said…
they do not give you much time to talk do they?
anthony said…
it is more than enough. tuesday chapel is 1 hour long and includes holy communion and college announcements as well.

sharing is restricted to 5 mins long with 5 mins translation. it is a good test of skill to say what needs to be said and no more than that.

thursday chapel is 2 hours long and here is where a normal length sermon is expected.