2nd temple walls (2,100 years old) uncovered


(the 2nd temple walls at the centre, the byzantine walls top and left)

Jerusalem ancient walls unveiled

Archaeologists in Jerusalem have given a first glimpse of newly-exposed 2,100-year-old walls to the south of the city's ancient heart.
They say the mortarless stone structure is the best preserved section of the city's walls ever seen from the period of the Second Jewish Temple.
The walls were first located through tunnels by 19th Century researchers, whose beer bottles were also found.

The researchers hope to open the site to the public in the next few years.
"We knew the walls were here somewhere," said Yehiel Zelinger, who has led the excavation on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority.
"The fact that after 2,100 years the remains of the wall were preserved to a height of three meters is amazing," he said.

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