current news in malaysia

raja petra sent to kamunting detention center at 11.50am to begin his 2 years detention under Section 8 of the ISA (which can be extended indefinitely). he knows he is not alone. justice will be served to those who deserved it.

negaraku rapper namewee or wee meng chee grilled by police since this morning from 10.30am for 3 hours. what else do they want to know from namewee? police, go and listen to his rap. now the police says he must translate his chinese rap into bahasa malaysia because they don't understand it. don't they have chinese cops to do it? namewee is also being investigated under the seditions act.

former SAPP deputy president raymond tan admits he intervened to deter an Anti graft investigation on SAPP president yong teck lee, thinking that teck lee owes him one. the truth is that he has done a great disfavour to the PM and the BN. so, it proves that interference occurs in malaysian politics and selective prosecution takes place.

continual crisis in umno over power transfer plan. muhyiddin says it again, it may be too late for umno to recover. other ministers says everything is ok. whoever leaked the news out to the english press about what really happened behind umno closed doors is not a 'traitor' but one brave enough to say the truth - there is a crisis in the country.

is petrol price going to be reviewed before the hari raya? if it drops, there may not be enough petrol as petrol stattions are now not stocking petrol fearing that the price may drop and they incur a loss. no petrol, no balik kampung for hari raya.


how much worse can the news in malaysia gets?


chils said…
I have a question. There were many candlelight vigils held for Teresa Kok and Tan. But there are none i hear of for RPK. What does it say about our faith?
anthony said…
there are. maybe you did not hear about them. even online petitions to free rpk.
Steven Sim said…
To YM Raja Petra Kamaruddin:

In mainland Penang (Before Teresa was released):

On Penang island (Just last Friday):

Steven Sim