fooling people all the time?

looks like the reb was right. the english newspapers today came up with denuciations from various peoples and organizations of our home ministers' reasons for the 3 detentions. there are people out there who can't be fooled by such 'illogical logic'. 

It was Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President, who once said, 'You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all the time'. So it looks like whatever short-term plans these guys had are backfiring.

Yet, don't be entirely fooled. there are hidden agendas behind such actions. some 'brains' are definitely behind all these. look at the timing. some people think it is deliberately to provoke tensions between chinese and malays using religion as the tool. others think it is to create racial tension so that a wider use of the ISA can be used and to thwart sept 16th takeover by PKR. whatever the motives and hidden agendas, the rakyat has to treat warily and not into any traps and give further excuses for these guys to act.

below are some links to read:

a statement by the muslims professional forum speaking out aganist the use of the ISA:

a statement in malay by JIM (jamaah islah malaysia) posted on tony phua's blog which express their rejection of the use of the ISA as well as denying any role by Teresa in the azan controversy:

you can join the 1 million people against teresa kok's ISA detention:

or sign the online petition against the ISA and free teresa (when i signed up, there were over 2,200 names so far):

a sms from father o.c.lim, the priest at st xavier's roman catholic church, where teresa worships:

Our country enters D phase of naked display of aggression.  When a regime is morally bankrupt it will use immoral means 2 hold on 2 power.  We might B weak but we still have D power of prayer & silent witnessing.  After Mass this PM 13 Sept @ SFX there will B silent adoration until 2morrow AM.  come pray B 4 D Lord.  D Unjust may break our bones but they can't break our spirit. Please send this D Catholics + people of goodwill. Father O.C. Lim

go to this link in youtube to see the video message by raja petra's wife, marina:

and some photos of the candlelight virgil outside bukit aman: