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from the logos webblog. the cornerstone biblical commentary is being published by logos and the matthew-mark commenatry is available for download for free. follow the instructions below.

read the instructions carefully and then click the product page link. it will lead you to logos website. you need to create an account if you have never ordered from logos before. they require details of credit card but it won't be used as you make sure you type in the coupon code 'cornerstone' into the box. proceed to check out and make sure you enter in the customer id in the right had top corner. then the final page will let you click an 'unlock and download' button to begin the process. if you have an old libronix version, it will update it to the latest 3.0 version.

quite complicated instructions and if you don't get it right the first time, try it again by clicking your browser back button.


Matthew, Mark Cornerstone Biblical Commentary—Free!
The Cornerstone Biblical Commentary Series

Last Friday the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary (9 Vols.) hit the Pre-Pub page. This relatively new series from Tyndale, under the editorship of Philip W. Comfort, Tremper Longman III (OT), and Grant Osborne (NT), attempts--like the second edition of the New Living Translation it is based on--to be both exegetically accurate and idiomatically powerful.

The CBC gives careful attention to both the words and theological message of the texts of Scripture and strives to be a helpful tool for teachers, pastors, students, and lay people alike.
The contributors to this series—Allen P. Ross, Tremper Longman III, Darrell L. Bock, Harold W. Hoehner, and many others—represent a wide spectrum of theological positions within evangelicalism, reflecting the rich variety that exists in the church.

The 9-volume collection now on Pre-Pub includes the following titles:
Genesis, Exodus
Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations
Minor Prophets: Hosea-Malachi
Matthew, Mark
Luke, Acts
The Gospel of John, 1-3 John
Romans, Galatians
Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, Philemon

Visit the product page to place your pre-order.
Get the Matthew, Mark Volume for Free!
We have arranged with Tyndale to give away the Matthew, Mark volume for free—no strings attached! For a limited time (until the Pre-Pub ships) you can head over to product page and add this wonderful title to your Libronix digital library absolutely free of charge. Use coupon code CORNERSTONE during checkout.

We're confident that after you've had a chance to try out a volume from this series many of you will want to place your pre-order for the whole collection.

Head over to the product page to download it, and help us spread the word about this free offer!
NOTE: If you are not currently a Libronix user, we welcome you to take advantage of this free offer as well. You will simply need to follow these steps:

Download the free Libronix engine (for Windows) and install it. Installation is a two step process. Make sure to complete both steps before proceeding.
Start Libronix and create a Libronix Customer ID when prompted.
Visit the Matthew, Mark product page and click the "Add to Cart" button.
Make sure that CORNERSTONE appears in the Coupon Code box. If it doesn't, add it and click "Update Cart." Then click "Proceed" to go to the next step.
Log in to your account or create one if this is your first time purchasing anything from
Enter your credit card information. Don't worry; your information is secure, and you will not be charged as long as you use the coupon code. Then click "Proceed" to go to the next step.
Verify that your Billing Information is correct. Then click "Proceed" to go to the next step. (NOTE: IF YOU USED THE COUPON CODE, YOU MAY SAFELY IGNORE THE SHOPPING CART INFO IN THE TOP RIGHT-HAND CORNER.)
In the top right-hand corner enter your Libronix Customer ID (created in step 2), click "Confirm," and then click "Submit Order." (You can find your Libronix Customer ID in Libronix under the "Help" menu in "About Libronix DLS."
Click the "Unlock & Download" button and then click "Open" or "Run" if prompted by your browser. Libronix Update will start and will download the book and unlock it.
When Libronix Update finishes, you may start Libronix and use your new book.

It's not working for me. What do I do?
Did you completely install Libronix first (both steps)?
Did you create a Libronix Customer ID?
Did you make sure to enter the coupon code CORNERSTONE?
Did you make sure to enter your Libronix Customer ID in the top right-hand corner during checkout?
Try working through the 10 steps again. If that doesn't work, call our Customer Service team at 800-875-6467.

I'm using the Mac alpha. How can I get the free book?
Follow steps 1-8 above.
Download the book file from the product page or from our FTP server and put it in your resources folder (normally /Library/Application Support/Libronix DLS/Resources on the startup volume).
Open Libronix for the Mac and synchronize your licenses by going to Tools > Library Management > Synchronize Licenses.