the ISA must go

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the inevitable has happened. first, they detained raja petra for his vocal criticisms of the government under the guise of blasphemy against Islam. if one reads what raja petra has written on 'Not all arabs are descended from the prophet', these 'criticisms' against Islam are untrue. he speaks with truth and clarity and conviction. if the government go for one blogger, others will be next. see harris ibrahim's latest blog entry. very good advice - don't fall into the government 's trap. some people inside are just trying to stir up hatred and strife and then the government takes the opportunity to use the ISA and arrest opposition politicians as well and the result is simple: no pakatan takeover of the government.

then they arrested the sin chew daily reporter, tan hoon cheng, for reporting a racist remark. i commented on facebook yesterday that this is the most absurd and ridiculous reason. the perpetrator who first spoke the racist remark only gets a 3 years' suspension from his party and not arrested under the ISA. the reporter who reported the racist remark gets to be detained under the ISA. even if the government try to be nice and released her now, that would still be a black mark on the government who should not have detained her in the first place. as a reporter, she does her duty to report what is happening in the country and expose the scams and shame of narrow-minded racists. this is a form on intimidation of the press: shut up!  

then they arrested teresa kok, sassy mp for puchong, for allegedly disparating Isalem by calling the mosques to silence their azans. that is a false charge brought about by the former menteri besar toyo. the mosques themselves have deny the charge. or are they arresting her for insisting that the road signs should have three langauges, bahasa malaysia, english, and chinese, instead of jawi? whichever the charge, it is unwarranted for her to be arrested withour trial under the ISA. if she has committed sedition as alleged, then use the appropriate law, not the draconian ISA. silencing the more vocal criticis of the opposition politicians is just first step. who else may be detained? even penang chief minister lim guan eng may not be spared.

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The ISA must Go!!!

This inept government under Badawi must go!!!

Syed Hamid doesn't know what he is speaking!


sp lim said…
May his (Badawi's) days be few;
may another take his (Badawi's) office
(Psalm 109:8)

And to all those who are involved in this ISA operation, I pray

Pour out your indignation upon them,
and let your burning anger overtake them
(Psalm 69:24)
anthony said…
strong words but absolutely necessary in times like these.

the imprecatory prayers teach us to be truthful and honest in our praying, for God is not offended by our truthfulness and honesty.

may God's will be done. may justice and righteousness flow through this land of malaysia.
Steven Sim said…
Interesting to note a theologian so outrightly vocal against ISA.
anthony said…
well, first of all, not all theologians are arm-chair theologians. they don't necessarily live in ivory towers.

secondly, the reb is no theologian, but an OT advocate and enthusiast. he thinks and works in the mould of the OT prophets. what to expect from a guy who has studied the book of isaiah for the last 14 years?

'the ox knows its owner, and the ass its master's crib,
but israel does not know, my people does not understand' (isa 1:3)

'the whole head is isck, and the whole heart faint.
from the sole of the foot even to the head,
there is no soundness in it' (isa 1:5b-6a)

'cease to do evil, learn to do good,
seek justice, correct oppression,
defend the fatherless, plead for the widow' (isa 1:17)
Paul said…
Glad to see a leader from the Malaysian evangelical church speaking out clearly and biblically.

Unless of course a seminary prof is not considered a leader as he has no Datukship or has not been given the privilege to officially soeak to government officials on matters related to Malaysians of the Christian faith. :-(
anthony said…
the reb is a 'nobody' at that higher level. no all are called for that position. i leave that to dr ron tan tee kwong.

i do my part at the grassroots where i fit in best.