malaysian rapper next

now the police going for malaysian rapper. looks like zero toleration level for police or trying to flex muscles to remind people who is the boss?:


PETALING JAYA: Wee Meng Chee (pic), who courted controversy last year by recording a parody of the national anthem, Negaraku, has been asked to present himself at the police headquarters in Bukit Aman tomorrow.

Wee, who recently graduated from a Taiwanese university, said the police contacted his father on Sept 11 and asked the 25-year-old to be at Bukit Aman on the specified date.

“They did not tell him why they wanted me to be present. They just set the date,” he said.
“I guess it is about the Negaraku rap. I am surprised. I thought the matter was laid to rest already as it was more than a year ago.”

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