mini-Operation Lalang 2008

latest: tan hoon cheng has been released from ISA and back in her home in bukit mertajam (just as the reb had previously envisaged. all this for show for the government to flex its muscles and then try to be 'nice' and compassionate and release her. but it still leaves a black mark on the government as the reb had insisted which will not go away).


all open-minded readers should read what lim kit siang. himself detained under ISA twice, has to say about the recent mini-Operation Lalang 2008 (as he calls it): 

also what bakri musa has written in kit siang's blog about the 'cavemen from putrajaya' trying to silence raja petra:

some thoughts from goh keat peng, himself a founding member of kedailan and a faithful methodist christian, on his blog:

another prominent malaysian blogger, harris ibrahim of the people's parliment, has this to say in his blog (he admits he may be next on the ISA list):

and rocky bru's blog:

on whatever the reasons for teresa kok's arrest, read this: