Saturday, 27 September 2008

thursday chapel sermon on 'root of bitterness'


here is the ppt of my thursday sermon entitled 'root of bitterness'. of course, a lot more of what i shared will not be on the slides but they should give you a pretty good idea what i was hsaring about.


yourshoeah said...

Thanks for the message, Reb. It was a good and important reminder for all of us who are living in community. Alot of internal cleansing even before we have fellowship together at the Lord's Table weekly. I hope we will slowly learn to put aside our hurts and grievances and move towards building a community that can positively contribute to the needs around.

anthony said...

takes a lot of work and time. stm is never a perfect community. but if it was, we don't need these type of sermons then.

yourshoeah said...

By the way, I know of at least ONE person from the Chinese dept who was deeply touched by the message and felt that God was speaking to them. May the seed sown on good soil bear much fruit.

anthony said...

same prayer here. i met one indian student after the chapel going through a difficult period and found the message timely.

the sermon is not new. i first wrote it in 1996 to preach in wesley methodist church kampar! god can still use a 12 year old sermon to touch lives in 2008, and in a seminary. amazing.