socrates, aristotle and king solomon

socrates and aristotle in 'dialogue' with king solomon? that would make a very interesting debate on wisdom.

an article in biblical archaeology review mentions the discovery in the city of pompeii (more known for its erotic images) in a house called 'the house of the physician' of a wall mural of a painting of king solomon delivering his judgment for the two mothers who both claimed the child as theirs.

in the far left are two figures with representations that scholars think are socrates and aristotle. if so, the mural makes an interesting point for debate - what would socrates and aristotle think of king solomon's wisdom? can it stand on par with Greek philosophical wisdom? would they both have agreed with his decision to pretend to cut the child into two in order to expose the real mother and the false one? what would Greek philosophical wisdom have to say to OT Solomonic wisdom? which is better? would socrates and aristotle be able to determine who is the real mother using their type of wisdom?

depending on time, i would probably write something on this later.

to read this interesting article, go to the link below: