some more resources for learning hebrew online (and f.o.c)!

a new blog for learning hebrew. check the link below. great for learning hebrew online and refreshing or reviving your hebrew:

at the bottom right hand of the blog are some further resources worth checking out.

you can download robert d. holmstedt's pdf ancient hebrew: a student grammar textbook f.o.c. (which he co-wrote with john d. cook). it is still a draft copy. clicking on the PDF link on the top leads you to journal articles in pdf form that he has written mainly about hebrew:

and below is another great site for learning hebrew. you can start with the hebrew alphabet sung (a mp3 download of the song is available). they even have audio files and flash files teaching hebrew using allen p. ross's biblical hebrew book. they have flash cards to learn hebrew verbs and hebrew nouns. and you can find the classic piece about abbot and costello (comedy duo from the 50's black and white TV) learning hebrew which i show to students in hebrew class to illustrate the fun of learning hebrew. remember the phrase - 'who is hi? hi is shi!' :

and another site linked is one on learning hebrew paradigms (those tables one has to memorize for conjugations):

and finally a link to the aleppo codex, the oldest complete hebrew manuscript of the OT. one can view for yourself actual pictures of how it looked like. also other info about the codex as well as the masorettes, the scribes living in Tiberius who invented the vowel system :
update: (1/11/2008)
link from tim bulkeley on teaching/learning hebrew vocabulary using flash cards, multimedia etc
from jthom10, esther raizen's hebrew homepage on university of austin is below (already highlighted in a previous entry but just in case you missed it, it is here below):


jthom18 said…
Esther Raizen has put some good stuff on the Hebrew site at the University of Text at Austin.
Also, if you go to Audio Scripture International, there is a free recording of the entire Tanakh in Hebrew.
Tim said…
For teaching vocabulary (whichever textbook or aproach you use) try Biblical Hebrew Vocabularies teachers can select words and output multimedia vocabularies and printable "flashcards" for students.
anthony said…
tq jthom18 and tim for further links. this blog entry has to be read in view of earlier entries where i have already put up other hebrew resources.

go to the link below where all the hebrew resoruces entries can be found: