stm 26th graduation

the seminary theoloji malaysia (STM) 26th graduation service held on saturday is over.

65 students in all departments and areas of study graduated ranging from certificates at the TEE level to the master of theology from the SEAGST.

for some photos of the happy occasion, click the links below:


more photos here from weng hoi's blog (our official stm student photographer):


Perng Shyang said…
Hi Rab, there are more photos to come! But no broadband at home, this is the problem!
anthony said…
but still, tq for uploading whatever you have. for those involved in the service, we don't have the opportunity to snap away.
Perng Shyang said…
You can view more photos at Weng Hoi's blog. He is the official photographer on the graduation day.
See here: