TEE module: History and Theology of the Exile

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History and Theology of the Exile (2008 Updated)

Aims of the Course

In this course, students will cover the historical period immediately before the Jewish Exile in 587 BC to the early period after the Exile. The various events and causes that led to the Exile will be explored. What were the social, religious and political developments during the Exile? How did the people struggle to interpret theologically over the catastrophe? What were some of the works written in this formative period of the Exile and the early post-Exilic period? How can we appropriate the metaphor of exile today in our 21st century?

Selected Bibliography (* compulsory readings)

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*___________. Israel in Exile: The History and Literature of the Sixth Century B.C.E.. Tr. D. Green. Studies in Biblical Literature 3. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2003. Electronic version of the book is available from link below:

http://www.sbl-site.org/publications/onlinebooks.aspx or


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Chapter 2: ‘The Secret Things and the Things Revealed: Reactions to the Exile in the Deuteronomistic History’
http://prophetess.lstc.edu/~rklein/Documents/secret.htm Date Accessed: 14/4/2008

Chapter 3: ‘Saying Yes to Exile--and No! Reactions to the Exile in the Book of Jeremiah’
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Chapter 5: ‘Yahweh Willing and Able--Second Isaiah's Response to the Exile’
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Chapter 6: ‘When Memory Is Hope: The Response to Exile in P’
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Articles on ‘Deuteronomistic History’ in IB, IDB, NBD, ABD, ISBE.

Articles on ‘Priestly Writer, Priestly Writings etc.’ in IB, IDB, NBD, ABD, ISBE.

Articles on the ‘Chronicler, Chronistic History, Book of Chronicles etc.’ in IB, IDB, NBD, ABD, ISBE.

Major Commentaries on Chronicles, Lamentations, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Second Isaiah (Isaiah 40-55), Psalms.



For 2 Credit Hour course (In-campus elective):
One long assignment (2,000-2,500 words)
One application paper (1,500-2,000 words)

For 3 Credit Hour course (TEE)
Two long assignments (2,000-2,500 words each)
(or one long and two short assignments)


A Suggested Course Outline

1.0 Introduction to The Babylonian Exile of 587 BC

2.0 The Historical Period Prior to the Babylonian Exile
2.1 The Northern Kingdom of Israel
2.2 The Southern Kingdom of Judah
2.3 The Rise and Fall of the Assyrians
2.4 The Rise of the Neo-Babylonians

3.0 The Babylonian Exile of 587 BC
3.1 The Exile
3.2 Causes That Led to the Exile
3.3The Effects of the Exile on the Jews

4.0 The Historical Period of the Exile
4.1 Life in the Babylonian Gola
4.2 Life in the Egyptian Gola
4.3 Life in the Palestinian Gola

5.0 Creative Responses to the Exile
5.1 Prophetic Writings During the Exile
5.1.1 Jeremiah
5.1.2 Ezekiel
5.1.3 Second Isaiah

5.2 Other Writings During the Exile
5.2.1 Lamentations
5.2.2 Exilic Psalms

5.3 Other Writings Immediately After the Exile
5.3.1 Deuteronomistic History
5.3.2 The Priestly Writings
5.3.3 The Chronicler History

6.0 The Historical Period Immediately After the Exile
6.1 The Restoration Period/Second Temple Period
6.2 The Preaching of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi

7.0 The Metaphor of Exile
7.1 Exilic Mentality
7.2 Exilic Spirituality

8.0 Using the Exilic Metaphor Today in the 21st Century
8.1 Exodus and Exile Paradigms
8.2 Responding to 'Exile situations'
8.3 Responding to 'Exilic mentality'
8.4 Developing 'Exilic spirituality'


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