we must not forget

if you have not read martin jalleh's recent writeup on rpk in lim kit siang's blog, the entry is here below:

and read what rpk has to say for himself from kamunting. if you thought what teresa kok has to eat was bad, so do the kamunting detainees:

we must never forget those who fought to ensure we and our children have a better future. we have to stand with them to see this through.


sp lim said…
If I forget you RPK and all the other ISA detainees
let my right hand forget its skills!
Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth,
if I do not remember you,
if I do not make effort to consign the ISA to the rubbish bin of history!
anthony said…
interesting take on psalm 137.
Steven Sim said…
Loved your Psalm rendition SP.

JR and I went to Kamunting this morning of Aidilfitri ke-2 to let him and the world know, we have not forgotten RPK, HINDRAF 5 and other ISA detainees.

Steven Sim