anti-ISA candlelight vigil 23rd nov 2008

well, the reb is back after 5 days at the 33rd session of the trac annual conference in subang. it was the same usual business of elections of office bearers etc.

the highlight of the reb's trip was attending the pj sunday nite anti-ISA candlelight vigil on 23rd nov 2008 (seen here with sivin - photo caption was 'godsend reverends'). the reb's pics came up the next day on facebook (courtesy of some friends), on some bloggers' sites (like anil netto), youtube and even monday malay mail!

the reb was asked by richard to speak since he was there. you can watch it in the clip below in the second part:

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and the whisperer"

join the facebook group on anti-ISA:


some updates: (30th Nov 2008)

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p.s. thanks for all the encouragement from all those who wrote.