anti-ISA vigils and why conditions imposed don't make sense

the police has been recently calling those who take part in the anti-ISA vigils to stop as they are going against the law. when has candlelight vigils been anti-law?

then it is to stop singing the national anthem negaraku at the candlelight vigils. when has singing the national anthem been a detriment to law-abiding?

then even when the anti-ISA vigils are meeting inside a building and meeting with a permit given, the police issued 12 conditions for the organizer and the participants to follow, conditions that included things like 'cannot wear "No to ISA" t-shirts, cannot have protest speeches, cannot have lighted candles etc'. what is a candlelight vigil without lighted candles?

anyway, the reb will be in PJ this weekend for the TRAC annual conference in subang and will definitely drop in at the PJ civic centre for the sunday night 8pm candlelight vigil in his clerical collar.

yup, you hear him right the first time - in his clerical collar! so what? why cannot wearlah? another condition from the police that pastors cannot wear their clerical collars to candlelight vigils? that will make it a record 13 conditions.

read bob teoh's writeup on micah mandate about last sunday's candlelight virgil:


sp lim said…
Bravo Reb! Any of your other fellow pastors coming? It will certainly be a sight to behold if we have a dozen pastors donning their clerical collars attending the vigil. It would be fantastic if Bishop Hwa Yung can turn up too.
Steven Sim said…
Alhamdullilah...puji Tuhan kerana semangat hamba-Nya terhadap keadilan dan kesaksamaan.

Steven Sim
anthony said…
the reb will pass the word around to fellow pastors who are interested and maybe brave enough.

maybe there will be a few of us there.