a long weeeekend and a long weeeeek!!

it has been a long weeeekend and another long weeeek ahead!.

last saturday, the reb drove down alone to batu pahat around 3pm in the afternoon. reached there by 5.45pm. used the old road exiting the highway at pagoh and continuing along the coastal road no. 5. at night, the reb had a talk on ISA with gereja grace (presbyterian church). it was a good turnout, around 40 over persons. some came with trepidation, fearing that such a talk would attract undesirable notice from the authorities. others though the reb was speaking on the book of Isaiah (also Isa). some even openly expressed their fear that the reb would come under unneccessary pressures and inconveniences because of the sensitive topic. the reb allayed their fears. so what if the reb is detained under ISA? he'll go to kamunting detention centre and play ping pong with raja petra (rpk)!

on sunday morning, it was sermon time in gereja grace. the reb was asked to preach on acts 24-26 to coincinde with the topic that their bible study groups were studying. to speak on 3 chapters in one morning sermon is a challenge but the reb only touched on acts 26 about paul's defence or apologia before king agrippa. yet, the sermon was the longest the reb had preached! 70 minutes!!!! but the feedback was very posiitve from many people.

then time to drive back to seremban. at night had dinner with the family as it was markus' 15th birthday. so we went to kensington in era square and ordered western food with a starter (which was extremely good!).

monday was another long day. in the morning, drove down with my daughter charis to intec shah alam to clear out her things from the hostel for the long break. and drove back to seremban in time for lunch treat by rev dr joseph komar (in celebration of his succesful acquisition of his phd). then faculty meeting from 3pm till 7.15pm!

today? it is the DMin orientation program where the reb will join in to meet the candidates from the english and chinese departments.

from tommorrow till saturday, it is TEE History and Theology of the Exile where the reb is teaching. still thinking of the various things we will do in class together. it will be a load of fun and interaction together.

P.S. the reb has finished reading Arok of Java! remember that is his toilet reading!! now he has already embarked on salman rushdie's midnight's children (which is thick)!. his wife commented, 'It will take many toilet sittings to finish that book'. never mind. it should be worthed it. after all, midnight's children is the booker of bookers! (best booker prize winer in the last 25 years).


Kar Yong said…
Who is busier now...the reb or the homilia???
chils said…
hallo my dear lecturers, don't think either of you will ever be 'busier' than me!

I will be away from office for 15days. Before that I have to try to out-smart murphy's law - ensuring that the 398 stores to which my handphone is listed with, will have no problems or call me when I am overseas, especially the 3 days I am in STM! ha ha ha!
anthony said…
so, it is a contest on who is busier!!!

actually, i didn't add one more thing - after TEE, i'm preaching the next day on sunday in canaan baptist bukit jalil. not to mention, wake service on saturday 7pm in cheras for dear old friend, yip kok choong.
Steven Sim said…

Shalt I post my schedule as well?? later shame you two old men...hehehehe...(hint: dinner functions and constituency meeting almost every night...)


Anyway, good to know you actually finish your toilet reading book. I have been trying to finish my Steven Pinker's Blank Slate tru toilet reading to no avail. Maybe I am going lesser to toilet than i really should...or my toilet session is too fast?

Reb, you should do an ISA sermon here in Pg...hope u get a chance soon.

Steven Sim
Paul said…
Looks like you both are setting a "bad example" ... shame on you. :-)

But then again, at times so do I, even in NZ *sigh* :-(