TEE Module History and Theology of the Exile con't

The recent TEE Module on History and Theology of the Exile is over. and British Museum is hosting this month an exhibition on the theme of Babylon: Myth and Reality. how I wish i was there in UK at this time and can pop over to see the treasures and exhibits of Babylon.

in class, we watched some 3D movie clips of what Babylon would have looked like as well as some historical clips. the city was an immense metropolis. if you want to watch a short movie clip from British Museum, click the link below:


better still, sign up with the British Museum like I did and received free email alerts from them.

explore their online website to look for pictures and more information on the Babylonians. TEE students, this will be a great help for your assignments.



Lee Chee Keat said…
oyah...discover one video, called the kings:from babylon to baghdad by history channel. I did not see entirely but i saw one part they talked about assyrian history before going to neo-babylonian history. It looks interesting...not sure that's a good one or not? u can go to the website www.dailymotion.com and find the title and watch it.