toilet reading - midnight's children

since finishing pram's arok of java for the reb's toilet reading, he has embarked on the next book - salman rushdie's midnight's children.
it won the booker of bookers prize i.e. the best booker winner in the last 25 years. no mean feat considering the fact that the past winners of the booker prize are all accomplished writers.
so far, the reb has ploughed through 25 % of the book and it is interesting writing!
and i would agree that it is indeed a deserving winner. there are many hilarious parts to it like the 7 inch hole in the white sheet or the grandfather's nose or Taj of the lake or ramm's too much prophecy etc. sorry, cannot reveal too much details lest they become a spolier for those who want to read the book.
i heard kinokuniya KL is having christmas sale on their books with 30 % off. do i hear them calling for pearlie?