another milestone

by tomorrow, will pass 20,000 hits on the blogmeter. tq for all your support (reminds me of the book title 'so long and thank you for the fish' by douglas adams).

the reb will continue to write on all sorts of stuff that interests him.

also in the works (still in draft stage) is the 3rd book in the Old Testament Made Simple series entitled Ecclesiastes Made Simple. once, the draft is complete, it will be proof-read and then sent to the publisher, SUFES.


pearlie said…
Congrats and keep it up! I have unknowing missed most of my milestones

Congratulations on this milestone.

Claude Mariottini
Perng Shyang said…
Congratulation! Hope that the next milestone is coming not too long after this!
anthony said…
thank you all. milestones are good ways to remember important things.
sp lim said…
Jia You (Add Oil). Congrats.
Alex Tang said…
belated congrats
anthony said…
tq sian peng and alex. keep up yours as well