world youth scrabble competition

the reb is in penang with markus and charis. markus is taking part in his first world youth scrabble competition in hotel citibayview. the tournament begins this morning. markus will play 9 games today, 9 games on wednesday, and 4 games on thursday. the top 2 contestants will play for the grand prize.

the world youth scrabble competition is sponsored by tokai.



markus won 4 and lost 5 for the first round of 9 games. he's in 33rd position. some of the malaysian competitors are doing well, filling in the top 10 places. but these guys and gals have been playing for a long time and have world rankings! for some mugshots of the players:


updates (2):

markus is back for the 2nd day for another round of 9 games. hope he will do better to improve his ranking and get a world ranking for his age. markus won 4 and lost 5 like yesterday. total is 8 won and 10 lost. his position is number 37. tomorrow is the last 4 games before the playoff for the top 1 and 2 positions in the afternoon.


updates (3):

today is the last and only 4 more games to go. markus finished the 3rd day with 2 wins and 2 losses, making a total of 10 wins and 12 losses, placing him at 38th position out of 59 persons. the top player went to the thailand guy who beat the malaysian. 3rd and 4th places also went to malaysians which meant there were 4 malaysians in the top ten. some pics of markus in action:


Perng Shyang said…
All the best to Markus!
anthony said…
tq. i will go aroudn lunch time to bring lunch for him and see how he is faring.
Steven Sim said…
Bila mau jumpa? :D
anthony said…
tonite for supper. i gave my phone to markus to use for the day for emergencies, so you can stil sms me an d i will chekc the message in the evening when i pick him.
jonathan ong said…
Are you Rev. Anthony Loke, former pastor of Wesley Kepong?
anthony said…
yes, jonathan. i'm now full-time teaching in STM.

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