blog rating is PG-13!!!

What's My Blog Rated?

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • death (4x)
  • pain (3x)
  • dead (2x)
  • sexy (1x)

this is just for fun. just based on these four words, my blog is rated PG-13!!! Ha! (wonder when the reb used the word 'sexy'? maybe the reb's new car!)


Alex Tang said…
sexy ?! That's a new one
anthony said…
ha ha alex. next time be careful with whatever words you used or quote.
Perng Shyang said…
Mine one is ok, never appear those 4 words, but not sure in Chinese...
anthony said…
peng shyang,

since your blog used more chinese, you might be able to get away.