on gaza (part 2)

here is another perspective of the gaza conflict from a writeup posted on malaysiakini. it shows how the malaysian government's recent strong protest about the conflict is tied in with the ruling political party's self interests. how do you separate religion from politics? as in the previous post, if the government choose to take this stand, what about individual citizens who choose otherwise? why must all the citizens necessarily follow the government's position? how do christians in malaysia present a fair view of the situation (like that outlined by salim munayer in the previous psot)?


Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 6:56 AM
> Gaza Conflict Exposes UMNO Hypocrisy - Malaysiakini 
> While the attention of the world is presently riveted on
> the conflict in Gaza. The conflict also exposes the
> hypocrisy of many Islamic countries rushing to defend &
> aid the Palestinians. No less, it exposes the hypocrisy of
> UMNO back here in Malaysia, a fascist political party steep
> in desperate corruption. 
> Why is UMNO screaming & ranting like a sex-starved male
> hog during mating season about Gaza? The answer is simple -
> the victims this time are Muslims, the aggressors are
> non-Muslims, Israelis to be sure.
> One must ask why was UMNO silent when rampaging Indonesian
> Muslims ransacked & burnt Chinese-owned business at
> will, at the height of the financial crisis in the late
> 1990's? Hundreds if not thousands of Chinese girls &
> women were raped by gangs of Indonesian Muslim thugs. UMNO
> & its leader PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad said nothing. The
> reason - the victims were non-Muslims, the aggressors were
> Muslims.
> When East Timor declared independence from Indonesian rule
> under a UN mandate, Indonesian Islamic militants poured into
> that country. Whole towns were burnt to the ground, tens of
> thousands were tortured or shot to death. Thousands of girls
> & women were systematically raped by Indonesian Islamic
> militants. UMNO & its leader PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad said
> nothing. The reason - the victims were non-Muslims, the
> aggressors were Muslims. In fact, Dr Mahathir Mohamad
> dismissed the crisis at that point of time as an Indonesian
> internal affair.
> The Darfur tragedy began when the Islamic majority in
> northern Sudan seek to impose Islamic rule on the whole
> country. The secular southern part of the country resisted
> & were burnt & bombed as a result. At least 2.7
> million Sudanese have been displaced by the civil war. Since
> 2003, at least 300,000 Sudanese, mostly non-Muslims have
> been killed. Thousands of non-Muslim girls & women have
> been gang-raped by Islamic militants. Thousands more have
> been forced into sex-slavery by Islamic militants - all
> these time, the Islamic militants were funded by rich Arab
> countries in the Middle-East. UMNO & its leader PM Dr
> Mahathir
> Mohamad said nothing. The reason - the victims were
> non-Muslims, the aggressors were Muslims.
> The Gaza conflict exposes the corruption & hypocrisy of
> UMNO & its leaders like never before.
> The Palestinians problem did not arise as a result of an
> Israeli invasion & subsequent occupation in the
> Middle-East, as often outlined in Malaysian revisionist
> world history books. In reality, it was a result of failed
> attempts by Arab countries to exterminate Israel via
> military force. The Palestinians were left behind by a
> retreating Pan-Arab military in the twice failed invasions
> of Israel.
> Hamas, the ruling authority in Gaza is a known
> international terrorist organization. UMNO has known ties
> with Hamas for a very long time. Oil rich Arab countries
> have funded Hamas aggressions against Israel from the very
> beginning. Whether UMNO has funded Hamas will never be
> knownsince UMNO human couriers are never apprehended - for
> obvious reasons. Hamas has refused to renewed its truce with
> Israel. Instead, Hamas using the Palestinians as human
> shields, fired hundreds of rockets into Israel every week.
> I've no interest in the Middle-East conflicts between
> the Arab states & Israel. To me, we've bigger
> problems at home. The global recession is biting hard into
> the national economy. Thousands are losing their jobs &
> maybe their homes. And we've a ruling government living
> in denial. The Gaza conflict is Israel's internal
> problem which Malaysians should not pay attention to. UMNO
> is merely exposing its hypocrisy & hidden agenda against
> non-Muslims or non-Malays.
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