time for laughter

(hungry ghosts festival celebration - offering food and paper money before it is burnt)
just a story...

how would an american chinese celebrate the hungry ghosts festival in the United States? this festival is an annual affair observed by chinese around the world. they believed that once a year, the doors of hades will open and hungry ghosts will roam the earth in search of food. the chinese will offer food to placate these hungry ghosts so that no misfortune will befall upon the family of the living. apart from food, paper money or hell banknotes are burnt so that the ghosts can return to hades with some cash.

(hell's bank notes- note the high denominator. ghosts are actually quite rich or unless hell is a pretty expensive place to live!)

with the world turning high-tech, paper money is only one of the accessories burnt for the ghosts. today it is not uncommon to see families burning paper TVs, paper computers, paper Benz, paper notebooks etc. even paper money cannot be compared with a hades credit card or hades bonds.

so, if you are an american chinese observing the hungry ghosts festival in the US, you will need to take a rain check firstly on the food to be offered. cannot be the usual boiled chicken or roast pork here. this is America. you got to offer wendy's burger, AW's hotdog, KFC chicken, and a Subway thrown in with a big Coke or Spiritzer.

secondly, for the money, chinese Hades bank notes may not work in that part of hell. you got to have the American version - Hell's banknotes in US currency. yes, hell's greenback. still the currency to have even in hell.
(a chinese 'paper shop' where paper things are made for the ghost world)

thirdly, accessories are too common in the US to placate these hungry ghosts as they are already loaded with the latest gadgets. if one were to offer such paper accessories, it has got to be the latest paper blackberry to keep in touch with other kindred spirits or a paper MP5 for the latest Hell's top 100 hits or paper GPS (global positioning system) to go with the paper single-seater sports Benz or a 100" HDTV and paper bluray player to offer 24 hours online entertainment


Paul said…
aiyo ... so much trouble. If we set up a Hell shop website and provide online purchases, we can make it easier and cleaner(no need to burn). We can arrange to send their purchase via internet hell bank transfer.

We can make a fortune! Are you game? LOL
anthony said…
great idea. need to corner the market.

also to set up a hell e-bay. many ghosts would get extra stuff, so they can trad it off. we make commission on the site as well as allow advertisements like nuffnang and adsense.