remembering RPK

i repost sth from pat lu from facebook how people got together on friday night to remember RPK, prayed for him, and yet looked at the future with hope in their hearts that something good will come out of all these.


In Solidarity and Prayer for RPK and the Nation

20 February 2009 – Thank God It's Friday. It was a night to remember. A night of love expressed and demonstrated for Raja Petra Kamarudin and our nation by Anak-Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

Friends and fans of RPK gathered together in solidarity initially felt like being in the scene at the "Last Supper". Background, read RPK suffers setbacks as court postpones hearing to Monday; and watch videos: Raja Petra’s lead counsel Malik Imtiaz Sarwar on RPK Habeas Corpus Appeal.

As the night proceeded, together with the rest of fellow Malaysians around the country committed to pray at 10pm Friday night, Anak-Anak Bangsa Malaysia from all faiths at the gathering prayed collectively together for RPK and our beloved nation.

Anak-Anak Bangsa Malaysia praying for Raja Petra Kamarudin and the nation.
Photo Credit: Estrelita Soliano

We prayed for God Almighty, the King of Kings, to intervene in our nation's political affairs and justice for all. We prayed for God to bless, to guide and to give RPK (including leaders and authorities), the wisdom, the clarity, the strength and the courage to do the right thing to rebuild our nation selflessly together.

After the prayers, everyone's mood and spirit lifted considerably and boy, we had a blast partying the rest of the night away! View more photos here.

Photo Credit: Sunny Lim

The future looks bleak and we don't know what lies ahead for RPK and the nation. The whole country is mired in a misguided democracy. In truth, the political game in Malaysia has reached the level where intrigues and hidden tactics are the order of the day, where the mass media, the police and the judiciary are no longer expected to act professionally, objectively, and with integrity. Read: Bewildered in Malaysia, perplexed in Perak, stupefied in Selangor.

Watching our country spiral out of control day by day, who can we now turn to for help to put our house in order? We have come to a stage where I feel our only recourse is to seek divine intervention. As people of faith we know with God all things are possible and good will ultimately overcome evil (As Seen on TV).

As such, let us completely surrender ourselves to God and ask Him to take control. God works in mysterious ways. Let us have faith and seek God to turn around all the human ways into His ways.

May God continue to empower us as we continue in this journey of faith to make a better Malaysia for generations to come. Fill our hearts and minds with love, faith, peace and hope for the future. Let all that we think and do be done in love for all His creation.

Come, sing along as we continue to pray together: God Will Make A Way. Amen.

God will make a way,
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way, He will make a way.


sp lim said…
The more I read RPK, the more I'm feel uncomfortable with him. He doesn't take too kindly to dissenting views.

I think his latest intended exploit in wanting to fast to death if he is put into Kamunting again is really misguided leaving aside the question of whether taking your own life is right or wrong.

It's much easier to die than to live without freedom I guess. For me it would be more heroic to live without freedom and remain a living symbol against oppression and injustice. The example of Nelson Mandela comes to mind.

I hope if RPK were to be sent to Kamunting again and he made good his intention, there will be no one following his example. Otherwise it will turn to be nothing more than a RPK cult.

Anyway, I hope he will stay free.
blogpastor said…
Its beautiful to see how the depth of despair is causing all to turn to God in prayer and to unite, even those of other faiths.