STM's Ipoh Road Show

it's that time of the year where STM makes its annual road show to Ipoh. this year STM is celebrating its 30th anniversary and the celebrations in Ipoh would include this element. see the details below.

the first is a saturday night meeting primarily for youths in two churches (one for the chinese speaking churches and the other for the english speaking churches):

then on sunday morning (as well saturday evenings for some lecturers), the STM lecturers will be speaking in various churches and some STM students will go along to share their testimonies. the reb is speaking in the Tamil Methodist Church Lahat Road (not in Tamil but the sermon will be translated into Tamil by one of our alumni, Rev Silvester Martin):

on sunday afternoon, the ITC (Ipoh Theological Center) will hold its annual graduation service for its participants who will receive their certificates: