Thursday, 5 February 2009

time to act for Perak the silver state (now tarnished)

dear friends,

as a fellow Perakian (the reb took a sumpah many years ago in 1978 declaring my loyalty to the Perak sultan!), the reb urge you to do something now as the political situation in Perak continues to grow with political uncertainty. go to the perak government website (below) and sign in the guestbook to urge the sultan to do what is the best step to resolve the problem - call for state elections and let the rakyat decide. the reb has already signed the guestbook to appeal to tuanku to act in the best interests of the rakyat.

even if the BN does succeed to take over the Perak government, the rakyat must remember this and do the necessary the next general election. this time around, vote and remove all the corrupt fellas not worthy to be called Yang Berhormat.

the reb


below is an appeal from Pahlawan Volunteers:

Subject: Perak Under Siege. What Can We Do?

The people has spoken yet Perak government is under siege. Read:
BN set to form Perak govt as Sultan defers decision on dissolution

The next 48 hours is very crucial. Would DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah hand over power to BN because of the defections or call for a State Election? The decision to be made in Istana Iskandariah will be one not for Perak alone, but for the entire country. We must strive for the optimum level of political and economic stability. Read: Snap poll best bet

WHAT CAN WE DO? Here are some ideas. People, especially Perakians,

1. Send this SMS: "Gatheing in front of Perak MB's residence in Ipoh 7pm tonight Thu 5/2. Fwd on now n be there."

2. Please tell DYMM Sultan Azlan you want a State Election at his guestbook [ a link from his official website ] Recommend that you use your real name to be taken seriously.

3. Hold a peaceful all night candlelight vigil in front of Istana Iskandariah till DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah decides.

4. At your Facebook, post this at your status bar: ": Perakians, tell DYMM Sultan Azlan you want a State Election at his guestbook and hold vigil at his palace. Fwd on"

No time to lose. Please forward on this message to all your friends to do the same. Post at newsgroups and discussion forums too.

YES WE CAN Make a Difference. "People Are The Boss."

With love from Pahlawan Volunteers
"Negara Kita, Tanggungjawab Kita"
– From Conviction to Action

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sp lim said...


The sultan has decided in favour of BN. I'm ashamed to be a Perakian.