Tuesday, 17 March 2009

final lap before TEE module begins tomorrow

getting ready to teach a marathon TEE module on Isaiah from tomorrow till saturday lunch. but what a fine time to get food poisoning! probably something which the reb ate for dinner but his 2 children didn't get anything. the reb had a bowl of hot yee mee. can't be that? the only thing everyone ate in common was satay. the reb had only 2 sticks. maybe the gua? but the children also ate that. has to be only one answer - the reb's stomach! with age, defences and immunity goes down.

worse come to worse, find a tall stool to sit most of the time. everything is ready - workbooks, powerpoints, bible texts, short movie clips etc.


Alex Tang said...

will be praying for you. Hard to do Isaiah with the runs.

sp lim said...

Sorry to hear about this Reb. I hope you will run this course again. I'm getting fascinated with the Prophets. I skipped it this time because I thought I should be doing Biblical Interpretation first b4 doing any Interpreting OT/NT books. Anyway, the previous one on the Exile is already quite heavy going.

anthony said...

tq for your prayers and concern. we all survived the first day.

the course will probably be run again in the future as it is a core course.

bencyjohn said...

i have my own views on god and i am trying to express it in my blog
pls feel free to come and comment

Esther said...

You taught it superbly, as usual. If you did not tell us you had food poisoning, we would never have known! Thank you for yet another inspiring course!!

anthony said...

tq esther and the rest for all your perseverance and endurance in sitting through 28 hours of isaiah lectures. is never easy to be listening to something 'new' and 'provocative'.

we all survived with God's help. hopefully, we will continue on this isaianic tradition.