speaking about trees

the tree of democracy in perak. a silent witness to the turbulent state politics. 5 more little saplings have been planted nearby today to mark the 5 principles of the Pakatan Rakyat.

these 6 modern trees are like the 6 ancient olive trees in the garden of gethsemane who stand as silent witnesses to jesus' last night on earth wrestling in prayer and his imminent arrest by the soldiers of the high priest. if only the olive trees could speak, what would they say after 2,000 years of silent muted witness?

if only the perak 'pokok democrasi' can speak, what will it say? what will it say to our children and their children years from now? what will it say if it can last 2,000 years into the future? that is provided the BN doesn't come with JKR and cut down or bulldoze down the tree!



the democracy plague, already vandalized twice, is also removed by today. from the marks on the ground, look like a hoe did it. no second guess who did it. it is futile trying to do this as one cannot remove democracy from the people (unless there are no more people around)

picture from anil netto's blog.