time for laughter

imagine having writers write books with these kind of titles. would you read them?


from eugene cho's blog:

In reponse to the question about the 10 Most Essential Books (for Christians), we received some fabulous and interesting suggestions. But I also started getting a list from people regarding the most anti-essential christian books so here’s some of them. And if you’re gonna get offended, I have two things to say: 1) It’s not my list. Don’t kill the messenger! and 2) Relax. It’s okay to make fun of ourselves sometimes.

I’ll share my personal Top 10 list next week but for now, enjoy this list of the Most Anti-Essential Christians books from various commenters from this blog. You folks are mean!

And dare I ask: What would you add to the list?

* Everyone Is Going To Hell Except Me - John MacArthur
* There’s No ‘U’ in Ministry: A Woman’s Guide - Mark Driscoll
* Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid - John Hagee
* God’s Most Glorified When We’re Most Calvinified in Him, by John Piper
* Right Behind - a fresh set of Apocalyptic chronicles by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins
* Eugene Cho Haven’t Published Squat so No One Can Even Make Fun of Him - by Eugene Cho
* We Know Jesus Better Than You Do - The Vatican Curia
* I’m Cool With Whatever (Featuring Enhanced Doodle Graphics) - Brian McLaren
* This Book Looks Longer Than It Really Is - Rob Bell
* God Wants You To Pay For My Airplane - Creflo Dollar
* 10 Keys To The 8 Steps To The 3 Paths To The 1 Way to God (TM) - Rick Warren
* I Secretly Wish I Were the Pope: A Memoir - N.T. Wright
* How to Smile - Joel Osteen
* How to Fall in My Presence - Benny Hinn
* Hippie Christianity for Ordinary Rednecks - Shane Claiborne
* You Can Kiss Dating My Daughter Goodbye - Joshua Harris, Sr


and where the reb adds some of his to the list:

* God wants you to make me rich - morris cerullo
* i ain't making any more apostles - peter wagner
* let me work on your triceps - stormy omartian
* 50 reasons why i can be the next prime minister of malaysia - anwar ibrahim


Paul Long said…
oooohhh. mean :-)