Tuesday, 7 April 2009

angels and demons

dan brown's book angels and demons is coming out this 15th may as the 2nd movie (also played by tom hanks). frankly, this book is far better than da vinci's code. even if the premise is far-fetched, still makes enjoyable reading. but the reb always think that tom hanks is not suited for the role. more like a harrison ford is the ideal.

see the movie trailer.


Esther said...

I agree - Angels and Demons is so much more interesting than TDVC and two other of Brown's books. Hopefully, the movie will have a little more oomph than TDVC.

anthony said...

movie also cannot oomph with tom hanks as the lead actor! tdvc was a farce with tom hanks' straight-faced interpretation.

Alex Tang said...

I actually took a 'angel and demons' guided tour when I was in Rome and visited all the 'real' places mentioned in the novel. I look forward to see how it will appear in the movie.

I thought Tom Hanks was a good choice with his 'lost little boy look'. Harrison Ford may be another choice. But honestly, both do not look intelligent enough to be solving all these puzzles.

anthony said...

you are right about the 2 not looking too bright. maybe alec baldwin makes a better choice.

Steven Sim said...

HEY! QUIT TALKING ABOUT TOM HANKS LIKE THAT! I think he is the most "deep thought" looking actor around. :D

Looks like a nice mystery thriller. Sure look forward to it

Steven Sim

anthony said...

tom hanks may be good in forrest gump. don't think he works in tdvc though. maybe russell crowe can act better as a professor (he did one movie as that)