before and after Part II

STM faculty in serious mode

STM faculty in non-serious mode!!

p.s. note the books they are holding. it is supposed to be their favourite book!


Paul Long said…
I like the 2nd photo. Tells me that the lecturers know how to let their hair down. :-)
Sure helps let people know that Malaysian seminary lecturers are not necessarily "stuffy" LOL
anthony said…
'stuffy' or 'stuffed'? haha!

hopes the printers don't use the wrong photo for our seminary brochures.

guess which books are the individual lecturers' favourite?
Paul Long said…
guess which books are the individual lecturers' favourite?

Gasp! Is no one is holding a Bible? :-)
anthony said…
the only one closest to holding a bible is allen. he is holding NA27th edition.

myhomilia and the reb are holding to their greek and hebrew lexicons (HALOT)!!

for the principal, no need to say - it has to be jimmy dunn. to be exact - jesus remembered.

unfortunately, the others are holing in such a way you can't see the book cover. but some clues and hints below:

missions lecturers holding their missions book, wesleyan theologian holding welsey's work, presbyterian holding calvin's commentary! malaysian church historian holding dictionary of asian christianity. christian educator holding CE.