free online resources - oxford biblical studies online


not 'yahoo' but great news. oxford biblical studies online is giving free access to their website until may 2009. so, go to the link below and browse their online site and stm students, pls take note and download materials now. you might never get to go online to this site again (unless you join and pay a hefty subscription).

resources include:

* How to Read the Bible
* The Oxford Companion to the Bible
* The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies
* The Oxford History of the Biblical World
* The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible
* Oxford Bible Atlas, Fourth Edition
* The Oxford Dictionary of the Bible
* Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls
* The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East

readers can get access to a free trial to expire end of May 2009. They simply need to go to and type in the following authentication:

User: presspass

Password: springtime

information courtesy of dr jim west