it's snowing in stm

this morning it is snowing in stm! well, not white snow but yellow.

our flame of the forest is raining down its yellow flowers and coating the road and cars with a carpet of yellow. and it is thursday! that's gardening day in stm. pity the students who are in charge of that section of the road. there is a lot to sweep. maybe, some of them will engage in a rain dance and get the rains to come and wash it away for them. maybe, call on Ba'al - he is the weather god.


Sze Zeng said…
Ya, and if Ba'al doesn't work, they can always resort to Elijah's God, like in the old days.

That is of course if the students are still not being murdered by Ezra (the principal). :)
anthony said…
ha! never underestimate the students. it rained. at 4.15pm to be precise and that means no gardening either! anyway, the rain has stopped at 4.45pm but gardening is already cancelled.

ba'al or yhwh? whoever sent rained doesn't matter. it rained!
Kar Yong said…
Yeah! It rained...I wonder there is this the unison echo.."God is so good...God is so good..." coming from the dorm? hahaahah