tri-by elections

unprecedented in malaysia to have three by-elections on the same day. smells fishy? of course. somebody will try anything to win. not to say the whole government machinery at one's disposal. or intimidation using helicopters flying overhead or fru trucks and the men in red watching menacingly or enticing chinese voters with wah-wah girls singng chinese pop songs or lodging complaints that non-muslims cannot quote from the quran or unleashing 'suratkhabar lama' in bukit gantang to fish more votes etc. you name it, we have it in malaysia.

the reb thinks pr will win 2 and bn win 1. that is if no dirty tricks are played.

for live coverage on the net, see these links:


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some of the reb's students said the reb prophecised correctly about the by-election results. the reb don't think so. prophecy is not just foretelling about the future but also forthtelling to the present. it doesn't take a prophecy to see where the election results were heading.

the government knew by putting all 3 by-elections on the same day, it will backfire on the opposition as they do not have enough resources and manpower to handle all 3 simultaneously. BN thinks it can win at least 1 or maybe 2 seats.

anyway, PR won 2 as the reb expected. if one were to read the news coming from the man-in-the-street (not the government-controlled media), the signs were already on the wall. the hand has already written 'mene mene tekel parsin' (Dan 5:25). BN, you have been weighed and found wanting. it doesn't take a prophet to see this!


sp lim said…
Correction. It's PR, not PKR.

Najib = Belshazzar?
anthony said…
tq sp.

as for belshazzar, depends on who is interpreting.

in daniel's story, 3 babylonian kings are mentioned: nebuchadnezzar the aggressive triumphalist ruler, nabonidus the tidak-apa ruler and his son belshazzar the reckless gungho ruler. don't they look like the 3 PMs?
sp lim said…
Ha ha ha .... That's a good one. Wonder who will be Cyrus, the one who will deliver us from the 'Babylonian' yoke?
anthony said…
cyrus the great? some will say DSAI! who knows? perak speaker the brave? penang CM the pioneer? manikumar the underdog? nizar the upright? ...